6 thoughts on “Every parent knows the struggle…

  1. Hate to be a party popper this is wrong on many levels. One of my brothers would sit at the dinner table for hours, be sent to bed, find the same food for breakfast…mom never won ever. The dad threatening to text Santa should have his phone impounded. Not even funny.

  2. These are parents failing, not kids. My kids have never done that at the table. Food is food, and you do not have to like, you only need to eat it. Not a single once of food has ever been thrown away at home. I live in a country where some people do not have enough to eat, throwing away food is not an option.
    “I am texting Santa… ” Really? please, text your mother and tell her that you are a failure.

  3. The phrase, “You don’t have to eat it,” cuts a lot of drama. Of course, this requires not making or serving anything else.

  4. Just do like my mom did–there was only one choice–eat or don’t. Nothing else was offered. However, she did not fill my plate for me. The food was on the table, I had the choice to eat or not. Of course, there were no between meal snacks if the meal wasn’t eaten. And I certainly didn’t starve.

  5. I agree with all these comments. Why make a meal the child hates to begin with, make it the only thing on the plate, and then make them cry about it? Truly crappy parenting. Eating disorders, here we come!


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