3 thoughts on “Get over it you lost

  1. For the President there was a vote. The removoing of Statues are a minority who couldn’t tell the history of the US just decide to take something down. What next? The Statue of Liberty? That was put up in the 1875. There were lots of injustice then too. Should we take this down? I guess if someone decided it should then it would be okay. If one person is offended then they have a right to take it down…


  2. Again, that’s a nonsense argument. 1. The Confederacy was comprised of states that turned their back on the United States and made itself a hostile foreign power that made war against our nation.

    2. We don’t have to keep up statues of the enemies of the United States (the statue of George III was pulled down during the Revolution for that reason.) 3. Ask yourself why there are no statues to “Great Nazis” in Germany. Got the answer? Well, there you go.

    What’s more, the Confederate statues were put up LONG after the war was over during the nadir of race relations in the US. They were the idealization of men who were on the losing side of a war for which they fought for the wrong side of morality.


  3. Anybody who would make the argument against removing Confederate statues with “What’s next? The Statue of Liberty?!” is proof that our education system is in free fall.


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