3 thoughts on “Another Confederate statue is removed…

  1. Interesting to me that, with one nut case driving a vehicle through a crowd of people, an entire nation can get so cranked up over benign statues. It’s as if they are perpetuating the myth that guns kill people; therefore we must ban all guns. Now it is statues that offend people; therefore we must ban all offensive statues. Re-writing history one statue at a time as it were. ISIS has come to America.


  2. The protests about statutes is ridiculous.

    Where does it stop? Once all the statues of racists like Margaret Sanger, Robert Byrd, FDR, etc., are gone?

    Either no statues should be taken down–or the municipalities should decide. Any statue protest groups should be told to go pound sand and go home.

    If a statue offends you: either ignore or it, or toughen up, Cupcake.


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