4 thoughts on “Looks like you may finally get your discharge, Klinger”

  1. I truly wish this wasn’t funny. While Kinger was faking it, those who are willing to put themselves in such dangerous and traumatic situations on behalf of the welfare of others, should obviously not be demeaned in any way. What difference does it make if a solider is a man or a woman? All that counts is that the person cares enough to give their best and to try to keep their comrades safe. We need to appreciate the sacrifices of all members of the military.

  2. I find it very ironic that the draft dodger in charge decided to keep people away from the military! Maybe he’s a transgender man and doesn’t know they stop drafting people after 34 years of age. What a nincompoop.

  3. Actually Klinger was a transvestite not transgender; the latter were banned, but those who cross-dress were not banned.

  4. Hilarious! That there is funny, I don’t care who you are.

    Of course, each and every day, dozens upon dozens of potential recruits are turned down for all kinds of reasons that disqualifies them, according to rules and regulations. Up until a year ago that included trans.


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