Weekend Open Mic

Weather: After several hot days this past week we’re in for a bit cooler and less humid 3 or 4 days before the heat and humidity return.

Website:  I’ve changed the theme for the website(s).  I’m liking the way it looks and my ability to make large and small changes.  It’s a responsive theme, which means it changes depending on what you’re viewing the site on, whether it be a computer, tablet or smartphone.  I can fine-tune things as we go along but in general, I think it’s close to what it will be like for a while.  Your thoughts are always welcome.

The weekend:  Will probably do some landscaping work since the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend.  

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. I just checked out the theme in the newest Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, and even Internet Exploder browsers. Everything seems to be working fine. This is in Windows 10c (Creators Edition). I noticed you’re not using much flash content anymore, good thing since most of these browsers now block it by default.

    The theme even looks awesome on my phone, iOS 10.3.2. My older iPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5 choked on it a couple times but finally loaded. If I get time I could unbox my old 486 Presario computer with Windows 3.1 and the Netscape browser and see how it works there. Something tells me it wouldn’t.

    Now all we need is for you to update the theme for virtual reality so we can start using headsets to watch Gus and Trixie frolic in 360. Youtube even has a whole channel dedicated to it. Just don’t post that rollercoaster video. Last time I watched it I almost got sick.

    Edit: I just noticed visited links, in comments at least, go to the same color as the rest of the text so it’s hard to find them again.


  2. YEP. I agree with everyone – looks great. Note to Kevin – did you write 120 degrees? My brain can not comprehend 120. But, then again, my brain doesn’t comprehend much these days.


    • 124 actually. The article I linked above says it got to 127° in Death Valley. I heard on the radio people were flocking there to get their pictures in front of the giant thermometer. Someone else told me Las Vegas hit 117, making that the hottest temp ever recorded there. I’m ready for some of that global cooling bout now.


  3. The video ad units are not playing well with my version of Firefox. Makes the screen jump up, can’t scroll to the bottom. Even writing this post is a pain as the screen jumps back up to the top periodically. Seems to happen when a new video ad unit launches.


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