B&P Undergoing Changes

We’re experimenting with a new theme (a new look) for Bits & Pieces.  The current theme has been in use for many years and the designers are not supporting it any longer.  The new theme is more customizable and is mobile friendly.

During the construction or maintenance period, it may radically change from minute to minute as we fine-tune different features.  We may hit a snag and jump back to the old theme for a while also.  So don’t be surprised it things come and go at a moments notice.  Our goal is to make sure basic functionality remains available at all times.

9 thoughts on “B&P Undergoing Changes

  1. I’m not liking the new format so far, The comments are very spread out and it want me to stop using my user ID and start using my avatar name.

  2. Two thumbs up.
    Oh for christ’s sake, first it said the message was too short, three times. Then I added filler and it said it was too spammy. Fuck this shit.

  3. I really like the new look, very clean and uncluttered.

    One change I would like to see is each link in the link dump sections open in a new tab like they usually do on the Miss Cellania site.
    I know that can be done by right clicking the link and choosing to open in a new tab but often I forget to do that.
    Then after I click and end up on a different page I might click a link there, and the process keeps going until I decide to go back to B&P but now the page I was on is gone and I have to start again to find where I left off.

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