Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Looks a little more like summer than spring.  Flooding of a week or two ago is slowly receding.  Most of the roads have reopened.

Naps are dangerous: I have some joint pain from time to time from DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease).  I had to stop taking anti-inflammatories last year because they were damaging my kidneys.  I had very few problems when I was on them. Generally, it hasn’t been as bad as I had expected but some days are kind of rough.  Wednesday my foot started bothering me and it seemed a little worse on Thursday morning.  Mid-day on Thursday I started getting a migraine headache, which thankfully aren’t as bad as they used to be for me.  So I decided to take a nap until at least the vision blind spots went away. I ended up napping for about an hour.  When I got up I couldn’t straighten up.  My back was killing me.  I had done something to my back during my nap.  I can sit or lie down fairly comfortably but standing and walking make me feel more like an older man than I probably am.  Avoid naps!

The weekend: We’re going to a community concert my granddaughter is playing trumpet in on Saturday evening.  Then on Sunday, we’re visiting family to celebrate Mother’s Day and May family birthdays. 

Around the house:  I got 3 tons of gravel delivered this week for landscaping in the back yard.  We also picked up 170 bricks for the landscaping project.  My back isn’t going to allow me to do much work on that which I guess is ok considering it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  I hope to be able to ride my mower around to cut the grass at least.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. Don’t avoid naps! Just avoid getting old!… Huh, OK, we can’t do that… F***!!


  2. Just remember that if you live too long, your funeral procession might only have the hearse and one car for family.


    • I’ve had a couple people tell me they’ve had this problem. What is the ad for that’s doing this? Also, Mac or PC and what browser are you using?
      FYI: Those that have told me about this told me it was ok the next day.


  3. Jonco, I used to suffer from migraines and blind spots and after four years of suffering I finally narrowed it down to sports drinks. I’m not sure what actually caused the suffering, elevated electrolytes, chemicals, FDC Red or Blue, who knows but I stopped drinking the sports drinks and my migraines went away. Thought I’d pass along what worked for me.



    • Years ago when I got one it took me out for the whole day. I had to go to bed in as dark a room I could find with a cold washcloth on my head and after several hours, which I hopefully was able to sleep through, and sometimes throwing up I would be able to get up and somewhat function. I wasn’t back to normal until at least 24 hours later. Fortunately the pain p[art of the migraines have lessened to usually just a dull pain. The blind spots or what I call the ‘vision thing’are really the worst part of them for me now. If I just go somewhere where I can lie down or at least close my eyes for 15 – 20 minutes then I’m ok.


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