7 thoughts on “Roseanne coming back in 2018

  1. Why? I couldn’t stand her back then so I’ve never seen a single episode. Why not get Roseanne, Rosie O’Donnell and Wanda Sykes all in one show and kill television once and for all.

  2. What a giant waste of bandwidth
    they cannot come up with anything new anymore, just rehashing from the past
    the show will suck, just like it did back then

  3. Should be interesting as 3 of the actors/actresses are on “The Big Bang Theory” (Sheldon’s mom, Leonard, and Leslie).

    And I think TBBT will still be filming through 2018.

  4. I like the show, I don’t think I need a reboot or a continuation though.

    I know people don’t like Roseanne Barr herself, I never cared enough to learn more of her other than that she was on this show.


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