Memorial Day Weekend Open Mic

Our weekend extends into Monday in the US as we celebrate Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor those who died while serving in the armed forces.

Weather:  Saturday promises lots of rain and could bring us some severe storms which will clear out Sunday and Monday. 

The Memorial Day weekend:  Dinner with friends Saturday evening. Sunday we’ll be attending a Memorial Day pignic as we’ve done for the last 47 years. Monday, Memorial Day will probably find me working in the yard, trying to get some landscaping done before the really hot weather hits.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Open Mic

  1. I assume they’ll be roasting a pig at your “pignic”?

    I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend helping my buddy get one of his houses ready for rent.


    • Years ago there used to be pigs roasted. That was until we got a rotten spoiled pig. That pretty much ended the actual pig roasts.


    • Well I’ll be damned… we got the house ready. Quick run to the dump tomorrow morning and some small bits and pieces to take care of next weekend but we did it. I got the rest of tonight and tomorrow off. Now I don’t know what to do. I think we have a beach here? But no beer allowed. Beer or beach? Decisions… decisions…

      How’d that “pignic” go?


      • It was fine. We had about 50 people which is a little less than normal but we all had a good time. I left for home about 8:30 right before the group that went to the Indy 500 made it back. Weather wise it was a beautiful day. We got our sprinkles (rain) early in the morning which made it official – it always rains on our pignic day – but it was mostly sunny after that. A few brave youngins hit the chilly pool. I won’t get in there til at least July or August, after it warms up quite a bit, if at all.


  2. The storms that rolled through on Saturday weren’t that bad at my house, but did a lot of damage with 80mph wind gusts about 45 minutes south of me.


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