Last Sunset in Paradise

This is the last sunset I’ll see here. I’m headed back to flooded Missouri on an 8:30 am flight.  The main interstate leading to my house (from the airport) is closed because of the flooding, so it will be an interesting adventure.  Click to enlarge.

Tonight my brother and I went to Amore Brick Oven Pizza in Estero FL and had one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.  We decided to pay for the dinner of a family of five sitting at the table behind us (unbeknownst to them).  That’s such a great feeling.  

PAY IT FORWARD! You won’t regret it!



4 thoughts on “Last Sunset in Paradise

  1. I so agree with you regarding ‘paying it forward’. Making someone happy feels great. It releases stress, is good for the heart, clears the mind and gives you more energy. I have never figured out why people so enjoy spreading hate when the alternative can bring such joy.
    I am concerned about you, though. I have been reading about the flooding in Missouri, including the levees breaking. After that horrifying video you posted yesterday, the idea that you might be driving into a situation similar to that is very worrisome. Is that flooding in your area of the state? Is there somewhere else for you and your family to go?


    • My home is high and won’t flood. The flooding does affect the roads around me however and can make travel troublesome. The interstate I use to get home was closed for about 24 hours but it opened early this morning as the water receded allowing me to get home without difficulty.


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