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  1. Oh so true. I have one hanging on the wall next to my computer right now. It even has an extra long cord.

  2. I remember party lines…
    Payphone calls cost a dime.
    The telephone operator was in your hometown, or at least the county.
    Switchboards connected with a cord.
    You had to dial seven numbers for police, fire and ambulance, and somewhere on an old phone I have there is a sticker (glows in the dark) that had the emergency numbers on it and that of the sponsor, a funeral home IIRC.
    Mom would scold us if we didn’t answer the phone politely and courteously.
    You memorized your home phone, the number of at least one close by grandparent or other relative and the school as a school assignment.
    If in trouble you could always dial 0 for help.
    4-1-1 was directory assistance, then it became 1-4-1-1.
    You had to give your parents the phone number of the friends house you were going to and sometimes call when you left, or were going to be late.
    I also have a landline home phone and until 2-weeks ago I had a dial up e-mail account for emergency reasons. The company did away with that at the first of the year. All digital nowadays.

    Nope, I haven’t forgotten.

  3. Living in a hurricane-prone area, I have an old dial phone so I can make calls despite there being no power for my cordless landline, or cell service.

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