3 thoughts on “When you park like an ass…

  1. Sorry. It’s one thing to park across lines in a busy lot, but this was obviously out far enough that he could use the space. I don’t know which drivers are the bigger jerks

  2. I have a friend who parks in the middle of two spaces all the time because she’s tired of getting door dings and body damage from others who park beside her. She tries to park far away from everyone else, but it seems there’s always someone who feels compelled to park as closely beside her as possible. I can see both sides of this and the only solution I can see is to have parking spaces made wider to start with. Our local Costco does and it makes a big difference.

  3. I agree, there was plenty of spots open….the jeep owners were the biggest ass. As in MANY of these kinds of stories, “Park shaming” has become a thing and only about 1% is really the guy being a jerk, other 99% the people taking the video just want to be an internet HERO.

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