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  1. When I was barely old enough to remember my Dad had a new ’53 Chevy and he made a back seat bench somewhat like this. We had tons of room back there, could lay down to sleep and it was comfortable. Made the long journeys (we lived in Northern Alberta at the time so everywhere was a long journey) a lot more liveable.

  2. I spent almost every car outing lying in the back window of the car, from the time I was an infant until I was about 8. My first memories are watching the clouds overhead. Simpler times.

  3. I remember standing in the back of a van with a friend while his mom drove and my mom rode shotgun. The ride was about an hour and doing around 55 mph.

    In warmer weather, I enjoyed riding in the bed of our pickup truck.

    Funnily enough, even as a youngster, I would use the seat belts if sitting in a car seat (or bench) if they were available.

  4. Never even saw a seatbelt before the mid 70s (they were first ‘required’ in all new vehicles back in 1968 but most older cars didn’t even have them). in Georgia we weren’t ‘required’ to wear them until 1988 (and even then you didn’t have to wear them in the back of pickup trucks which we often rode during summers when we were working at the farm). We used to have a station wagon with rear facing seats (I don’t remember the model but it was a hideous green with fake(?) wood side panels) – also with no seat belts; I’m pretty sure the windshield (and all the other windows) were ‘glass’ without much if any ‘safety glass’ features. one rock strike from a gravel truck shattered the front windshield into thousands of pieces and we were picking glass shards out of the seat cushions for hours.

    Good times…

  5. I used to ride around in the back of my mums old Chevanne, it was all paneled out in the back with plywood and I would sit on an old sofa cushion, because my legs were so short (they still are…lol…) I couldn’t brace my self against anything, like the side of the van, so would slip and slide around in the back if she was a little racy going around corners, etc. Thing is now, I couldn’t imagine my son doing the same thing, without me or his mum freaking out…lol…

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