3 thoughts on “United Airlines Customer Service

  1. “[Since airline deregulation] Our airlines, once world leaders, are now laggards in every category, including fleet age, service quality and international reputation. Fewer and fewer flights are on time. Airport congestion has become a staple of late-night comedy shows. An ever higher percentage of bags are lost or sent to the wrong airports. Last-minute seats are harder and harder to find. Passenger complaints have skyrocketed. Airline service, by any standard, has become unacceptable.”

    –Robert Crandall, the chief executive of American Airlines from 1985 to 1998


  2. I like these..
    Be sure to tell the gate agent your safe word!
    Volunteer… or else!
    On the safety card… Cover your head. Brace for beating.
    United… Get your own planes, or deal with it.
    Please turn off your cell phones. We don’t want video evidence.
    We put the Hospital in Hospitality!


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