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  • Elagie

    No question, Trump is trying to start WWIII — wars are great for investors like him, who were too chicken to go to war themselves but LOVE sending other people’s sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers to die.

  • 1984

    It’s hard to believe that even Trump would be this stupid.

  • tmary

    While I don’t care for Trump the idea that war is good for economies is a myth.
    Just because it seemed to help in 1941 doesn’t make it a trend. Even if you want to discount mainland Europe as a case in point after WWI and WWII just look at how the UK fared.
    Remember the US economy in the seventies after Vietnam? Remember Bush Seniors popularity after the first Gulf War? It wasn’t just Ross Perot that cost him the election.
    I’m no economist but I study a lot of history. There are loads of examples for just the opposite for both the winners and the losers.

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