Open Mic

I’m off to Florida to spend a week with my brother, just the two of us.  I’ll try to have a few posts up each day while I’m gone but there will be fewer than normal.  I’ll try to post a little from my adventures there.  I’ll return next Thursday so things should get back to normal next Friday.  

I hope you all take advantage of this Open Mic to discuss whatever you want. All I ask is that you all play well together



16 thoughts on “Open Mic

  1. Welcome to Florida from Dade City (Dead city SIC).
    Hope you brought some rain with you. We need it bigtime.
    Enjoy your stay
    Tom Lee

    • Didn’t bring any rain with me. I left it all back in the midwest. They said we could get as much as 6 inches of rain in some area this weekend there. That’s a lot of rain.

  2. Definition of dumb, I’m outside chopping up firewood in 82° weather. I should be at the beach like Jonco.

  3. I’m supposed to be out the back transplanting a small magnolia tree,for the third time,but I came inside wondering what Jonco is up to lol.

  4. Hey Jonco, haven’t been here in a while, met thru J-Walkenbach.

    Have fun with your brother!


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