Man bowls world’s fastest 300 game

Read all about it.

Thanks, DJ

4 comments to Man bowls world’s fastest 300 game

  • Buckwheat

    I can do that….
    I get a perfect score as well. 0

  • StarChaser_Tyger

    That’s not a ‘300 game’, that’s 10 strikes in 10 different lanes…That’s like having 5,280 people run ten feet and claiming that was the world’s fastest ten mile…

    • Jonco

      I think it is in the sense that he alone did it and doing it on 10 lanes would probably increase the difficulty level. Now if 10 different people bowled a strike on 10 different lanes one right after another I’d buy your argument.

      • infidel

        right Jonco the oil is different on each lane so it would be much harder to do, I was on a league in my younger years 276 was my best game

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