Happy 8 Track Day!

National Eight Track Tape Day on April 11 recognizes an era that was here and gone in a short 20 years. It is a day to remember listening to great music of the sixties and seventies on eight-track tapes.

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4 comments to Happy 8 Track Day!

  • Tim

    Back in about 1990, a friend of mine had a used Ford LTD with an 8-track player. My friend got an 8-Track to cassette converter so he could listen to his tapes.

    On a road trip he had with another friend, that friend had a cassette to CD converter. So my friend and his friend listened to CDs through his 8-track player.

    My friend said that the CDs did not sound good.

  • Meh~tdology

    A friend of mine had an 8-track recorder. He converted a lot of his vinyl albums and radio concert simulcast reel-to-reel recordings to that format so he could play them in his car.

  • Elagie

    Just one word (or sound) evocative to all former players of 8-tracks — KA-THUNK

  • Mark

    20 yrs is not a bad run for a form of media. I think cassettes did not hold up that long in the face of CD’s and mini disk lasted only a few short years. Now digital media has signed the death warrant of CD’s and DVD’s. Only vinyl seems to be making a comeback.

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