3 thoughts on “Balls of steel or…

  1. So many questions: How did that huge piece of equipment get up there? why is it up there? How do they plan on getting it down? etc.


    • More questions: IS he demolishing the building from the top down? How tall was this building when he started (clearly a guy)? Does the operator have a next of kin? Who’s holding his beer?


      • When I had a job in downtown Chicago, I watched them take down a building next door.

        In urban areas where TNT is not a good way to remove buildings, they remove it one floor at a time. The building I watched as taken apart by a smaller digger than the one pictured, then guys on skid steers (Bobcats) would push the debris off the edge.

        Watching those guys working on the 12th and 11th floors was nerve-wracking: I was hoping I would not see one tumble off the edge.


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