Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Spring has sprung, well sort of.  We had cold and a little snow last week but the coming week is shaping up to not be too bad.  I can live with this weather.

The Weekend:  I’m going to a WordPress conference called WordCamp here in St. Louis on Saturday.  Sunday I’ll probably be working on the patio room and going to dinner with friends.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

3 comments to Weekend Open Mic

  • Harvey Magnus-Walker

    . . . I was sad to learn (if the internet is to be believed) of the passing of Gerard Vlemmings of THE PRESURFER. This was a blog that I visited frequently, after coming across it on your ‘Blogroll’. Thank you for the original recommendation – it brought me a lot of joy over the years – and keep up the good work. BITS & PIECES remains my favourite blog to visit daily.

    Your friend, Harvey (Winnipeg, Canada)

  • Bella

    Our weather has PMS. No clue what it’ll be like in 20 minutes. lol. Lost my whirlybird in a massive wind storm but got it replaced today as the sun was the warmest it’s been in months. Tomorrow? Maybe -20 and 2 feet of snow? Meh, who knows? 😀 March……

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