Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  After breaking the record for the warmest February on record in St. Louis it’s still pretty nice out there.

Computer Woes Begone:  After a couple of weeks of intermittent crashes and searching online for solutions and exhausting my patience and technical abilities I took my computer in for service.  Turns out there was a bad memory chip that was the culprit.  The crashes had corrupted Windows and it needed to be reinstalled.  They let me come in and copy the important files to a second hard drive so I wouldn’t lose them.  They reinstalled Windows 10 and replaced the memory card all covered under warranty.  When I got it back home I had to reinstall all of the programs I use. I am now back to normal.  YAY!

The Weekend:  We’re having a family birthday celebration Saturday evening so we’ll be cleaning and prepping for that.  No firm plans for Sunday but I’ll either work on the patio room or work on getting ready for another trivia night presentation next Saturday.

TV Binging:  Haven’t had too much time to watch TV this week.  Got in a few more episodes of Mad Men and watched our regular shows, 24, This is Us, The Walking Dead, and The Talking Dead. Something else I like to watch is starting back up this week but I can’t think of what it is at the moment.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

    • The site is backed up daily now. It’s content is stored at the IPS location, not on my personal computer. One time, in 2010 I believe, the site was hacked and it was so bad it couldn’t be resurrected. I had to start over from scratch.

      My personal computer is a different story. While I try to make copies of my important files it doesn’t always get done properly. I keep most of my files on a 5TB hard drive that is the secondary drive on the system. The OS is on an SSD (C) drive. Files I am currently working on are kept on the desktop which is on the SSD (C) drive. Those are the ones I had to copy over so they could wipe my SSD (C) drive and reload Windows.


  1. Today is a momentous day in Gus’ history. He went out the doggy door all by himself. Usually, we have to coax him to go out, sometimes gently shoving his rear end so close to the door that he really has little choice in the matter. Many times when we’re watching TV we can hear the doggy door open and I sneak in there to see him just standing near it and looking outside. But he’s never gone through it of his own choice to my knowledge. Once outside he will come back in on his own.

    This morning I had let them out (me coaxing his little butt out the door) and then about 15 minutes later I heard the doggy door open and I snuck in and watched him just standing there, staring out the door into the yard. Trixie decided she was going to go out so she walked right past Gus and went out. The door closed and I thought that was the end of it. Gus stepped a little closer to the door and it opened again and he darted through it. I’m not optimistic that he’ll now go out on his own when nature calls but it’s definitely a small step for dogkind.


    • Wow! Just shows what good parents you have been that he’s comfortable enough to do something that used to terrify him. Congrats to you all! And a really nice chewy treat for Gus, please.


  2. Im no expert on computers I do good to turn them on and off but I thought they had a self check program that would show the memory problem Im sure you tried it I just missed the post on here, glad its fixed Jonco


    • Yes, there is a Memory Diagnostics Tool in Windows. I ran that and it couldn’t find a problem. I’m pretty sure the techs do more thorough testing and that’s what found the culprit. I haven’t had any problems since I got it back.


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