Website Problems

Bits & Pieces was down for about an hour on Friday afternoon.  Visitors (and staff) were getting an ‘Error connecting to the database” message.  I called the ISP and they managed to get the site back online but they appear to have disabled all of the plugins. Apparently, there was a conflict with at least one of the plugins.  The plugins perform various functions like allow you to upload images in your comments, rate posts and comments, and edit your comments plus allow me various functions on the back end of the site which is where I spend most of my time.  

You should notice a dramatic increase is load time for the site without these plugins. They do tend to slow things down quite a bit. I’ll try to add in the ones I need the most one at a time to see if one, in particular, is causing the problem.  But I probably won’t get around to doing that this weekend.


5 comments to Website Problems

  • Ken

    Relax and enjoy the weekend!

  • xoxoxoBruce

    Yes they do, this is the slowest loading website I know, even on a good day.

  • Jim

    Jon, you need to re-consider your use of plugins. They will always cause dissention among your loyal followers ( myselelf included). I’ve been blogging as long as you, maybe more, so I have learned how plugins make your blood pressure rise. Life is short…don’t pander for money’s sake.

  • Jim

    Start with that visitors plugin, for God’s sake! It eats up ram like nobody’s business.

    • Jonco

      The B&P visitors is not a plugin but a javascript widget. I’ll do some testing with and without it.

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