3 thoughts on “Iranian TV crudely censors stars at the Oscars

  1. This would be way funnier if they covered her with a burkha/ninja silhouette which just showed her eyes.

    At the same time at least Iran is showing foreign content and maybe helping Iranians to understand a foreign country (through a warped hollywood perspective of course).

    When was the last time you saw western countries playing Iranian content? I’m gonna guess that westerners watching and understanding Iran through their media wouldn’t exactly help with the current ‘evil Iranian’ rhetoric and rush to conflict currently being promoted.


    • They’re not doing it to be funny, and why would they cover her with a burqa when she’s not Muslim?

      Maybe western countries don’t play Iranian content because we’re accustomed to big budget, fast-faced action films? Most of us can barely sit through British programming, and they speak the same language.


    • I’m thinking they only saw this clip because an Iranian film won an award at the ceremony. They probably didn’t see anything else from the broadcast.


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