Friday Firesmith – The Truth About Your Government

At this point, we awaken to a new day. Finally, and likely for the last time, the group of voters that identify with the far right have been repulsed from the walls of the Capitol by their own party. They now see their leaders as nothing more than those who will give lip service to a cause while serving the status quo. The drum beat to kill off “Obama Care” in the United States of America was a rallying cry, it was a claxon call, and it was the One True Promise from The One True God.

Those running for office knew that racism and misogyny could be pulled together and mixed into a witch’s brew of victory against the most hated woman in America and a black man in the White House. Most people would not vote, didn’t think it mattered, and to get the extreme vote all was needed was a complete disregard for the truth and a candidate with money to burn and nothing to lose.

In the end, even Republicans recoiled in horror at what they had done. Like Victor Frankenstein, they turned their backs on their own monster and left him to scream alone.

Warm your hands on the fires of hypocrisy burning in Washington DC right now. The repeal of “Obamacare” has crashed and it now lies burning and bleeding out in public as Republicans who once screamed and cried about that piece of legislation being socialism come to America are scurrying back under the rocks they once stood upon to curse the rain.

Like little dogs that bark behind a fence they run yelping with the tenor that only chihuahuas or congressmen can make, when they realize they have the fight they’ve been jumping up and down for, is upon them at last. Today a lot of people who voted for the Right Wing to save them from the Left Wing are discovering that they’ve been in a circular flight pattern where the plane never lands anywhere near ideals that voters hold true.

The House never had any intentions or any plans to repeal anything and they haven’t got a clue as to how to replace it, and they never will.

Take a good hard look at your government people. This is what it looks like when it fails, fails utterly, fails miserably, fails openly, fails publicly and how it finally fails, to live up to anything and everything it has promised to give you in return for your vote.

You’ve been conned. You’ve been gamed. All this while they danced and posed and declared, and voted and voted on nothing at all, and in the end…nothing. It’s what you’ve nearly always gotten so it isn’t that bad. Like being slapped by a habitual abusive spouse, you just feel a little relieved when it doesn’t draw blood or put you in the ER making excuses for their behavior. You’ve been slapped in the face so often it almost doesn’t register to fight back.

So ask yourself this question; what was going on while nothing was happening?

You’ve been robbed again. That’s a damn safe bet.

Is America Great Again yet?

Is this the government you voted for?

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42 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – The Truth About Your Government

  1. This is not the government I voted for. The “jobs” President, slashing 3200 of them at the EPA, along with a 31% cut in funding. Who needs clean air and water? Destroying public education and at the same time trying to ram Christianity (the American version of Islam) into the education system. Allowing the Dakota Access and the Keystone pipelines to be completed, so that Canada can ship it’s oil to the Gulf in order to be sold to other countries. Trying to build a wall that the Mexicans the US taxpayers will pay for. Allowing ISP’s to sell your browsing information to anyone with the right amount of money so that they can do with your personal information as they see fit. All the while, working with the Russians for at least a decade (remember DJT Jr saying in 2008 that we have a disproportionate share of our assets from Russian investors). That’s just for starters. This is not the government I voted for, and for those of you that did, are you happy?


      • Where is everyone? There were a few people I expected to chime in. Perhaps they don’t want to answer my question.


        • I don’t even know where to begin. Both sides of the aisle are corrupt. Our government is not what was intended by the founding fathers. Trump is a man that gave up his lifestyle to help America. He is the first politician in over 30 years to attempt to actually keep his campaign promises. America was well on its way to being like France and Germany with their rape-ugees and terrorists. If you want your daughters and granddaughters living with Sharia Law, then keep voting the democratic party (or the RINO republicans too for that matter.) They are all funded by George Soros anyhow. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. Trump is our last hope, and I am not even sure he has what it takes to undo the establishment journalist, politicians, and elites. Enjoy your proverbial entertainers while Rome burns. To see what I speak of, just google what Iran looked like in the 70’s vs what it looks like today. That is where we are headed if we don’t fight for this country and try to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


          • Wow. How can he “undo” the elites, when he (and his cabinet) are all Elites? Gave up his lifestyle? Nope, he’s still living it. Three of his first nine weeks in office have been spent at various Trump properties. Let’s talk briefly about keeping his campaign promises. In no particular order, how about “I’m going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it”. Strike one. How about “I know more than the generals about ISIS, I will have a plan in my first 30 days to defeat them.” Strike two. How about “On day one I will repeal and replace Obama care”. Strike three. How about “I’m going to ban all Muslims from entering this country.” Strike four and five, since that has been shut down twice. I agree both sides of the aisle are corrupt, and you can blame Citizens United for that. You seem to think we are headed to being ruled by Sharia law. The fact is that the US Constitution mandates the separation of religion and state. That means ANY religious laws are prohibited from ever trumping American law. America is already great, Todd. We need to remove this clueless reality TV star and replace him with someone who actually knows how to govern. After all, Presidentin is hard, and the current occupant of the White House is simply not capable of doing the job.


    • All that while becoming puppets to the Russians. I stand flabbergasted. This country was sold cheap at a flea market.


  2. When something goes wrong, life is tough, you lose your job, it rains on your birthday, you get a hangnail, it’s the government’s fault. This past election was a chance to stand up and moon the government. A lot of voters did, only to discover they were mooning a mirror.
    Well duh… U.S. = us.


  3. Further truth is that a good number of people who voted for 45 refuse to accept that any negative outcome will be their fault, and most negative outcomes are “fake news” anyway.

    They say people get the government they deserve. We’re barely 10 weeks into this term, and it will take decades to recover from what is already being dismantled, if ever. There hasn’t been a single positive thing from this administration, and the Senate is poised to make it worse with Garland’s stolen SCOTUS seat. None of us deserves this level of societal destruction.


  4. I had said since Trump became a serious contender that maybe he would screw things up so bad that the problems with our system, that have existed for decades, would finally have a chance to be actually fixed in some way, finally end the perpetual nothing basically. Because if that happened, that would be excellent. Some times the building has to be demolished so you can start over from the foundation.


  5. The repeal of “Obamacare” has crashed and it now lies burning and bleeding

    Not really. The same day they decided to not vote on the publicized version, a new one was written and is presently waiting to move along. There will be another bill and another vote. Trump is already threatening the Freedom Caucus to do what he says or pay the price.

    You’ve been conned.

    This is true if you believe that conservatives are about local rights.
    Why would the federal government threaten cities for not enforcing federal immigration laws?

    Or if you believe that conservatives believe local power is what government is all about…
    Then why did Senate conservatives squash Labor Department rules that would have made it easier for cities to provide government-run retirement plans to private sector workers?

    Or if you believe that you have a right to internet privacy.

    Or if you believe your doctor should be honest with you.

    Or if you believe a conservative cares about motherhood as they argue that insurance should not cover maternity or pre-natal care. Without such care, it increases infant mortality as well as maternal mortality. Which begets the question: “How many dead babies does it take to get a tax break for a billionaire?”

    Or if you believe conservatives are good because they cut your taxes, even when facts show that tax cuts, cuts wages.,%20Taxes%20on%20Wages

    Just understand it was conservatives that didn’t want the American Revolution. It was conservatives who didn’t want to end slavery. It was conservatives who resisted child labor laws. These are facts that people seem to have forgotten.

    However, if you believe that corporations should run our government and that unless you are making billions of dollars in income a year, you are undeserving of anything in life, then you aren’t being conned, but instead know that conservatives are nothing more than corporate whores who don’t give a shit about you.


    • CAI, I think it’s dead, Jim. I think they’ll do surgery on it on some way, but another failed attempt of repeal and replace is not something anyone on the right is willing, and I dare say able, to try again. This was a public relations nightmare for Trump is a lot of ways that no one saw coming. with a victory he could have easily said all other noise was merely sour grapes. But instead it weaken his grip of reality and now all other stories are a reflection of that failure.

      The Russian thing is gaining traction.

      This is going to get ugly.


        • But do they have the balls to actually swing away? They got mauled last time. if they do no better the second time around they’ve lost what very little credibility they ever had.


            • Nancy Pelosi wanted this from the get go. Seriously, I believe it was designed to fail so that this would come to pass. However, Donald Trump happened instead of Hillary. But are you truly for a single payer system run by a bloated government bureaucracy already proven to fail at everything they get their hands on? There is no way healthcare will get more affordable if the government mandates thousands of pages of red tape for the healthcare industry to wade through. Eventually, many will have to take the pill Obama suggested as the only alternative.


              • By the way, if you listen to his answer, he is addressing end of life care, whereas she is addressing extended life care. Two different things altogether. Reminds me of a Twilight Episode titled ‘Obsolete Man’.


              • are you truly for a single payer system


                run by a bloated government bureaucracy already proven to fail at everything they get their hands on?

                Regarding the first half of your question: A single payer system would only require 3% overhead, whereas the present system requires at least 20% plus what CEOs need to skim off the top for their billion dollar salaries. The very idea of a single-payer system can save taxpayers over $500 billion alone. Regarding the second part of the question: This is true when Republicans get involved with government. They deliberately cut budgets in so many departments because it is purposely designed to create havoc in allowing it to function optimally. By doing this, it allows them to claim that it doesn’t work.

                There is no way healthcare will get more affordable if the government mandates thousands of pages of red tape for the healthcare industry to wade through.

                If you believe that, then you have absolutely no idea how the healthcare industry works now. First off, the low overhead costs, plus the non-profit aspect of the government would keep costs low. Secondly, single-payer creates leverage for the government to maintain costs. Meaning, that the same procedure done in a hospital in New York will be the same cost as in a hospital in Des Moines. Plus it allows prescriptions to be negotiable. Why do we (the US) have to pay more than 600% for the exact same prescription sold elsewhere in the world? Why? Because elsewhere, the government (who maintains the healthcare system) negotiates for the best price. That’s not red tape, that’s negotiating power.

                The best analogy I heard regarding a free market healthcare insurance is comparing it to a casino. The casino is the market and the various games are the companies. No matter what table you opt to play at, every game is designed for the house to win.


              • Reminds me of a Twilight Episode titled ‘Obsolete Man’.

                Perhaps you should watch the entire episode, as your connection to it is nowhere near what you are putting forth.


  6. It astounds me that the GOP can’t simply bring up the same Repeal Obamacare bill that they voted yes on 62 times over 7 years. They must have really, really wanted it to do it that many times. All they need to do is dust it off and do it last time.

    I actually hope they do.

    Here is why. Things have to get worse before they will get better.

    Nothing they produce, such as TrumpCare that just bombed will be any better for us. Obama Care is a band aid on a deep festering wound. It just buys us more time.

    Congress needs to implement universal health care. Period. And it will take people dying on the streets and in the offices of their congressional representatives to fix this. Only that will take their eyes off of the wads of cash that the pharma and medical industry are waving in their faces to keep the status quo.

    This really sucks. It is like us having to take a 2×4 across the skull to knock some sense in to us. I don’t see any other way at this point.


  7. All those Bernie supporters that didn’t vote.I supported Bernie, but I voted for Clinton, because she was the sane candidate. I demand a full, independent investigation into Russian influence!


  8. Arm chair quarterbacks with a soundbite mentality. Seriously? How can anyone truly believe that they can predict the future from a two month old administration? Have we learned nothing from the scorched earth crowd? One year the Earth is gonna freeze. Then, it’s gonna fry. All the while those who are pulling the strings are getting filthy rich. Maybe we need to take a deep breath and just calm down. The sun will come up tomorrow. The plants know it. The animals in the forest know it. So should we…


    • Dave. What happened to those rating stars that they used to have on here? I really didn’t want to comment on your comment but I did want to give you the 3 stars for your comment.


      • Thanks John. I just see a bunch of chicken littles running around shouting “the sky is falling”. And, they may be right. No one really knows for sure. The only thing we know for sure is that, just as we were all born into this world, we will one day all leave this world. The ratio is still one to one. May we live our ‘dash’ as if the date to the right of that dash is eminent. It will go a long way in putting everything else into its proper perspective…


        • Yes, we all are going to die… but I prefer to die from natural causes or disease than some egotistical a-hole who got his feelings hurt and decided to start a nuclear war.


          • Jonco: Talk about getting their feelings hurt, how are yours today? And, don’t worry. Kim Jong-Un is not going to do that…


      • Great ‘wordsmithing’ there Mike! Personally, I would leave that up to the yard bird. I would only suggest they take a deep breath first before ‘flying’ off the handle…


        • Dave, the problem here is my one big fear is it is even worse than it appears.

          I suspect when we start seeing Congress do useful things the fear level in that body of government has been raised considerably.


  9. I don’t vote for any incumbent in officer on any level of government. They have all ruined their chances and respect, but they crave respect from the very people who are destroying this country.

    Stop saying that we have a democracy or a republic. We have corporate rule with the illusion of choice, run by Parasites funded by Psychopaths. Greed has poisoned man and woman alike in government and elsewhere.

    More people today are fleeing war, tyranny, famine and oppression than ever before in our history, some voluntary, some not (driven from their homes by despotic regimes) and yet this country and these so-called leaders continue to cut important social safety programs while they continue to increase spending over a trillion dollars a year on a mindless war and at the same time they employ roughly half of the scientists and high technologists on military and defense capabilities. How many companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere devote much of their resources to the defense of this country?

    9-million children before the age of 5 die in the world each day. That works out to 17 or so a minute. 3-million kids in the USA go to bed hungry or without adequate nutrition, but school lunch programs have been deemed a waste with no clear evidence (Ha) to support that it works. How many of those children become one of the 9-million in the world? Yet no one talks about this at all, but if a Jenner or Kardashian breaks a nail, or even if a NFL team relocates the social media storm is truly pathetic.

    If it took you 6-minutes to read through this 102 children in the world, as mentioned, will have died. Think about that for just a moment then try and remember how many lives have been destroyed because of an unjust war, etc. and then vote for the incompetent incumbent.


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