1956 Frigidaire Cold Pantry Commercial

8 comments to 1956 Frigidaire Cold Pantry Commercial

  • Richard

    There are some features on that Frigidaire that would be nice to have on modern units…

  • Jester

    Forgot to add ‘and on those hot summer days chipping ice from the freezer is a wonderful way to cool off.

  • birdie2u

    I haven’t thought of Bess Meyerson in YEARS! ☺

  • Carter

    Was that Bess Myerson pitching the fridge?

    • Jonco

      Wow, there’s a name from the past. Bess Myerson. I remember the name but I don’t really remember much about here so I wouldn’t know if it was her or not. Wasn’t she a panelist on I’ve Got A Secret or To Tell The Truth or some show like that? I think that may be why I remember her name.

  • Jester

    Quite an interesting lady

    • Barb Dwigher

      Actually, she was. She was a Miss America back in the 40s. Because she was Jewish some of the sponsors withdrew. That publicized the “No Jews” attitude of the times. She was appointed to some sort of consumer protection office in New York City and even ran for Senator. Unfortunately, the “Bess Mess” scandal pretty much ended her career even though she was acquitted.

  • John Wilson

    Richard is right. This one has some features that would be great on a modern fridge.

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