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  1. Just an observation. While I am a Trump supporter, I definitely do find the humor in stuff like this.
    Curious though as to why you got so many “Poor”votes on it though?
    Could it be that 2/3 of your readers are die hard Trump fanatics?

    • I’ll hazard a guess. Trump was vocal about appealing to low information voters. A good portion of those voters I don’t think have the ability or the inclination to understand and accept this type of humor. So, as of now when there are 20 votes cast, I have probably pissed off the 13 “1” voters in this corner of the internet. Oh well.

    • I’d say the poor votes are in response to the anti-American gist of the sign that that woman’s husband commanded her to hold.

  2. A little controversial, I know, but the only people who currently live on the continent of North America who are not actually immigrants (primarily illegally) are the fading and down trodden Native Americans. Every other creed living in America, at this time, is born of many generations of migrants.
    I’m from the UK, and there is a huge furor over immigration here (as I am sure you’re all aware), however, we are a small island nation, with a VERY limited natural gene pool. If we didn’t have migration, within either four or five generations, we would have first cousins needing to have children together to keep services going, with the requisite problems of birth defects, etc.
    Either way, the above post is very funny, it’s not offensive and it is also bang on point. You either have to be a, as John above mentioned, die hard Trump fanatic or a UKIP supporter to feel threatened by it…

  3. How’s that immigration thing working out in Europe? A friend just returned from Germany. He claims it’s a disaster. They ruined Germany.

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