Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today, February 7th, would have been my mom’s 96th birthday if she were still alive.  Mom was born in 1921 in Missouri.  She died in May of 1995 at the age of 74.  I’m guessing she was about 30 in this photo.


10 comments to Happy Birthday, Mom!

  • graceH

    What a lovely memory of her.

  • Ted

    My mom would have been 100 this April. She passed when she was only 70. Jonco, do you mind if I try to colorize her picture?

  • Kevin

    She looks like she should have a dog named Toto and be wearing red ruby slippers. #SimplerTimes

  • Bella

    Your Mom truly was a Beautiful Lady. Please make sure we see the picture that Ted is offering to do. 😀

  • melt

    My mom died June of last year, at the age of seventy. Her birthday is in March.
    That was the worst day, week, month, and holiday season of my life.
    Her mom died when she was just a teen, ten years before I was born. I never understood how she could be so sad on her mom’s birthday. I understand now.

    • Jonco

      melt, I’m sorry for your loss. The first holidays were the worst for me but it does get a little easier as time goes by. A little piece of our loved ones are always there, even 22 years later.

      • melt

        Thanks for your kind words. My apologies for intruding with my grief on your mom’s birthday.
        And thanks for having such a crazy, silly site that helps me smile.

        • Jonco

          You weren’t intruding at all. I welcome your comments and do rest assured it will get easier.

          Thank you for the kind words, also.

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