Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, who goes by the stage name, “Lady Gaga” isn’t body shy. She’s appeared in various stages of nudity on stage and off since she became famous after her debut album burned holes in the charts back in 2008. Gaga has been an outspoken advocate for gay rights, human rights, and more or less has used her fame to advance the cause of equality. Unlike some celebs, Gaga has managed to avoid falling over in public because she was too drunk to stand up and her love life seems nearly tame in comparison to some of those people who pretend to be singers.

Let me address the issue of this person’s voice before we go any further, please.

Even if you hate pop music, and I don’t, you have to admire the quality of this woman’s voice and the skill with which she displays her talent. You know what? That’s just about all that really needs to be said about a singer. Does she have it or does she not have it? Gaga has it and she knows how to use it. That ought to be the end of the story right there when it gets right down to it, right?

This woman slayed the halftime show at the Super Bowl. She was energetic, creative, very motivated, hit all her hits at high points, and apparently, there were some people out there who said that all of this was ruined because Lady Gaga had gotten “fat”.

It’s that belly bulge that freaked some viewers out and they thought it was a shame that at age thirty, Gaga was already beginning to spread out a bit.

So f%$#ing what?

Here is an artist who clearly has the physical ways and means to jump off a rooftop glide down to the stage, knock out a nonstop performance while dancing, all of this after hip surgery earlier in the year, and there are those who scream “FAT!” the second any woman less than one hundred pounds shows flesh not in the last stages of anorexia.

But here’s something to chew on, for those of you who chew the fat.

This is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Joanne to her friends and family, without makeup. She posted a series of naked face photos to take down some of the walls women face each day when they have to live up to the expectations set by people whose heads are clearly somewhere other than up in reality.

I’m pretty much sick to death watching women trying to compete with photoshopped versions of human females in order to feel good about who they really are.

Playboy let this one slip by the editors (no navel). It’s what we’ve become’, a species who would rather worship an unobtainable ideal rather than a real woman’s body, with all the flaws, scars, and aging that comes with a human being going through life. A woman’s body ought to show how she’s lived not what a computer can do for it.

If you can’t love that then I suggest you and your right hand get engaged because that is where you are headed, Bro.


Take Care,


I think someone’s standards of body image may have gotten a little too high. Or unrealistic.


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21 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Lady Gaga

  1. I love this piece.
    Even at my thinnest when I was younger than I am now, I had a 23in waist and was considered tiny, I had a “tummy” couldn’t get away from it. Women come in all shapes and sizes just like men. the world needs to get over it.


  2. I happen to find that forehead cushion very inviting.
    I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who wasn’t critical of her body, even 10s, and that’s a damn shame.


  3. A good friend of mine was going to sleep with a man for the first time. She’s past 50, and was concerned about taking her clothes off in front of this man. I said, afraid of what? You’re beautiful! Oh, the stretch marks from three children. The cellulite. Sagging here and there. So forth. So on. I told her that the imperfections in her body only make her more human, and that a good man wants a woman, not a plaster goddess. That reassured her.

    Well, the date was a disaster. The guy had a microscopically small dick, to the extent that “I couldn’t even feel it”, and he followed none of the Roadgeek Rules of Pleasing a Woman, meaning the date was a disaster for her.

    But the taking the clothes off? No, that part wasn’t a problem.


      • I asked her that. Did he go down on you? Did he get you off in any way? No. If you have a micro penis you better develop alternate skills for pleasing a woman, and there are many alternate skills. I was disappointed when she told me that.

        I’m thankful I’m a man, but I will never lose the capacity to be disappointed in how selfish men can be, especially in bed.


  4. If you know me, you know how much love I have for this woman. People judge her by her crazy outfits and that she is a “pop” singer but she is more than just a meat dress. Her talent goes beyond pop music. She plays the piano, guitar, and drums. Have you heard her album with Tony Bennett?? If not, please give it a listen. Here’s a compilation video of her singing…

    Besides how musically talented she is, she has inspired so many people to love themselves. She created Born The Way Foundation with her mom with the mission to be “committed to supporting the wellness of young people and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world”. She genuinely cares for people. She has donated to several charities out there and even created a program during her Monster Ball tour a few years ago.She offered premium VIP tickets to fans that volunteered their time with homeless youth organizations which ended up raising $80,000 and 30,000 hours of community service. Her impact is incredible!

    She has a way of connecting to her fans and making you feel like she is reaching out to you. I personally feel like I have a connection because we are shorties (she’s 5’1 and I’m 5’1 1/2), she’s a year younger than me, and on a deeper level…body changes. Sounds weird but let me explain. After she had her hip surgery, she put on a few pounds and she was still gorgeous. After I had my surgery, I put on weight too. With us shorties, it’s easier to tell when a person puts on a few. I was so insecure and seeing her say she is comfortable in her body helped me to be okay with myself.

    “Ignore all hatred and criticism. Live for what you create and die protecting it.”


  5. The biggest misconception in life comes down to this: A woman is hoping the man will change because she is looking on the inside, while the man is hoping the woman won’t change because he is looking on the outside. In the end, they both realize how futile that was.


      • We all, men and women, are presented with unreal and unobtainable models to emulate. However, I will agree that our society puts more unreasonable stress on women. Beauty and fashion industries, primarily aimed at women, take more money from us than are spent on any space program, or the US Military Budget, or any country’s health care or social/human services. I remember one statistic from years ago now that showed that more money is spent on cosmetics every year than was spent on the entire US space program from its inception to its placing the first man on the moon.


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