4 thoughts on “Downtown St. Louis

  1. I see this picture and it makes me think how great St. Louis could have been at one time. Also think about all the architectural treasures that were leveled way back-when in the ’50s….They were so interested then in modernizing for the future they lacked “foresight”….also another prime example of how Democratic rule for decades destroyed another big city….

    • On the other hand, all the rules we have here to preserve that history makes building ANYTHING a huge pain in the arse, though the Gaslamp Quarter is really cool. We’re about to start a job where we have to have an archeologist and an American Indian onsite at all times, just in case we dig something up. It’s just an empty field with an old well on it!

      Now for the question I’m sure everyone is asking… what was Jonco doing at the courthouse on Friday? Hmmm?

  2. Makes me miss the days of the B&P BigAss BBQs. Some of us B&Pers had a great day at the Arch and then at a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium.

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