Weekend Open Mic

Weather: A mild weekend gives way to colder weather later in the week.

The weekend:  I plan on working on my patio room this weekend except for a pre-planned dinner with friends on Saturday evening.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

5 comments to Weekend Open Mic

  • Kevin

    Lots and lots of rain here right now. Looks like Albert Hammond got it wrong.
    The guy who wrote this article also got at least one thing wrong, plenty of rain to water the Chargers grave.
    Were people in St Loius as bitter as we are when your teams moved?

    • Jonco

      Yes, exactly as bitter. In a year you’ll feel better… especially if your team plays as bad as the Rams.

      • Kevin

        They’ve already been doing that. I sort of want to see them really fail but I can’t
        help feeling bad for Philip Rivers. That guy deserves a Super Bowl ring and he’s never
        gonna get it under that ownership, just like they failed LaDanian Tomlinson. Not to
        mention, he’s probably gonna end his career in a 30,000 seat stadium. Sad.

  • Kevin

    Wow! Severe flooding here in San Diego. Don’t worry though, we will recover.


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