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  1. I drive for a living. Also because I love driving. If I could have one wish fulfilled…
    People are so addicted to their phones it’s ridiculous. I see it every day – it slows traffic, it makes it unsafe to do anything on a road. I don’t bike on the road any more if I can help it. I’ve had close calls, I’ve seen lots of accidents, I’ve had friends killed, all because some damn text message took priority.
    The technology has to be out there to make it impossible for a driver to use a phone in a moving vehicle.

  2. Sad. I long ago got into the habit of turning off my phone when I’m gonna be in the car longer than ten minutes or so. I figure if I’m gonna be less than ten minutes I can wait till i get there to check a message or call. Now-a-days it’s easier, I just turn on airplane mode, don’t have to wait for it to boot back up when I get out. Maybe this is easier for those of us who grew up in the pre-cellphone age, I actually hate having a phone on me all the time, I miss being able to just get lost.

  3. Good message, I’d like to think it would do some good but people {not just teenagers} just don’t get it. Even in jurisdictions that have hands free only Laws you can drive and find countless number of people using their devices. Perhaps after they seriously injure or kill someone they will wake up, they’re a tragic accident just waiting to happen.

  4. I use voice-to-text to tell someone I’m going to be late usually, but for anything else, or reading texts, I think “Geez, if something happens while I’m texting and driving, that’s going to be really stupid”, and I resist.

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