Out like a light

Trixie has had a rough week.  She came down with something over the Christmas weekend. She was very restless and whiney over the holiday.  Monday morning I took her to her vet but the vet was closed for the holiday.  So I tried a new vet that is nearer to my house.  They checked her out and couldn’t find anything wrong. They prescribed Temaril-P for itching and inflammation.  It helped calm her down.  She’s still not completely back to normal but she hasn’t had a pill since Saturday morning, and that was half a pill.  She, and hence, we, had a rough couple of nights earlier last week.  Here, she’s taking advantage of some down time as the family was watching TV last night.



5 thoughts on “Out like a light

  1. Poor l’il Sweetie. Speedy recovery Trixie! I’ve got a sickie here too but the comeback kid is hanging in there tough! Gotta love their pure soul!


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