3 thoughts on “Online harassment

  1. How to deal with work place harassment:

    Oh, that would totally screw you over and let the people harassing you win? Huh, I guess that is a pretty shitty piece of advice. I’m a fucking moron for suggesting it.


  2. On line harassment …. unplug trust me there is a world of amazing places and things beyond cyber space

    Work harassment…. study your enemy carefully very carefully play your hand like a poker game. Everyone has that weak spot patience will reveal this spot. Wait once this spot becomes known the right time will present itself. Never pat yourself on the back or acknowledge what you know if you play them right they will have their day in hell.


  3. Seriously. If you think cyber bullying is bad, try the real thing. I’d rather have a nasty e-mail than swirlies and a kick in the balls any day.


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