10 thoughts on “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. I realized many decades ago that there’s not much difference between Jan 1st and the 1st – or 5nd or 17rd or 40st – of any other month. Resolutions just quickly confirm that you’re a quitter, and I already know that, so eff it. You still want one?…. ok, I won’t eat any boiled kangaroo eyeballs or lawn darts this year.

  2. I quit smoking Dec 1st. I know, disgusting habit. I had smoked since I was 12 yrs old and had it down to about 3 cigarettes a day. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had to have emergency surgery (appendectomy) when I was in the hospital of course you can’t smoke. When I got out, it just tasted gross, smelled gross,so I made my mind up to do it then. I had been wanting to for a while, I got rid of all my smoking paraphernalia and decided that was it. I won’t say I haven’t had a few cravings, but nothing like I expected. So as of today, I’m 1 full month clean.
    My resolution is to keep that up, and continue trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been improving my diet, now I have to get off my butt and exercise. That may be harder than giving up smoking.

    • Good for you, girl! I’m proud of you. When I was a teenager I tried smoking because I wanted to be “cool”. I probably smoked a pack in a few months. I thought, ‘This is stupid’ and never had another one. About the same time, a friend and I decided we wanted to smoke a cigar. I did. I puked. Never had another one.

      • Thanks. I wish I had never started, all the money I’ve blown on that disgusting habit. The good things I could have had. Oh well, moving forward…..

  3. I will not strangle my sister-in-law. I will not strangle my sister-in-law. I will not strangle my sister-in-law.

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