Friday Firesmith – Nukes

You can believe North Korea has an operational ICBM with a nuclear warhead that it can deliver and is operable, or not believe it.

You can believe that Japan and the United States have enough spy capabilities to give enough warning if such a device were to be made ready to use or not believe it.

You can believe that the United States would act unilaterally and decisively against the preparation of such a weapon or not believe it.

However, if you believe for one moment that China is going to let anyone on their border launch a nuclear weapon, at anyone, anywhere, without their express consent and permission, that’s just plain gullible.

If Crazy Kim starts fueling an ICBM and the United States has a sub in the area (taking bets?) with a nuke on board, can you really hope that the President, any President of the United States, won’t, and hasn’t already planned to strike?

You can say that there are so many other ways to take out a nuke, but at the same time, this is a statement being made that any nuclear threat made against the United States or their Pacific Allies will be met in kind.

You really do not believe that a sitting American President is going to let anyone, especially a nut job with a history of murder, arm a nuke against this country and not retaliate as harshly as possible?

I think he or she would, and I think the next one most certainly would do so. Can you afford the luxury of believing anything else?

This worries me, and it ought to worry you, and if we agree in this, that we ought to be concerned, you can bet there are some people in China right now who are wondering what in the hell are they going to do when an American nuclear warhead is deployed and explodes thirty thousand feet above the Korean peninsula. If those concerned people are smart, and you can bet they are, then they’ve already decided what to do and when to do it, if any of this happens.

Do you seriously believe the Chinese reaction is going to be something you and I like?

Do you think the Russians are going to sit on the sidelines and hope for the best in this?

And what if the American president doesn’t strike quickly enough or hard enough and Los Angeles disappears? There, that’s the thought that will drive an American nuclear attack.

The Chinese, once an American nuclear weapon goes off within fallout distance of their homeland, what do you think they will do? What will Japan do when the radioactive cloud drifts west? What happens to Korea, North and South, after we strike?

What sort of world are we going to live in the day after we nuke North Korea?

What if the missile we fire at North Korea misses terribly?
“The indefinite combination of human fallibility and nuclear weapon will destroy nations.”

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21 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Nukes

  1. most of their test rockets cant even make it a few hundred feet, crazy Kim must have something in his bowl of rice or something


  2. I would think (hope) that if N. Korea ever does initiate a first strike with a nuclear weapon, that we wouldn’t respond in kind. We do have the capability of destroying probably a couple of hundred missiles approaching us at the same time which is why the big three (USA, China & Russia) keep building up to have thousands. If that ever happens amongst the big 3, the world, as we know it, will cease to exist.
    Getting back to N. Korea, maybe they could launch a half dozen nukes at most at once and I believe (hope) they’ll never be allowed to reach anywhere near their target. There’s really no need to respond in kind so I would expect (hope) that we would retaliate with conventional weapons.
    And if we ever started a conventional war with the purpose of actually winning it outright, it shouldn’t take very long to accomplish.


  3. You people comment as if you haven’t been watching the Orange Orangutan spew his nastiness for the last year or so. If he doesn’t like what you say, he’ll retaliate 10 times worse. If anyone as much as tries to launch a missile towards us he will nuke their puny country back to the stone age. He doesn’t care. Even if they don’t deserve it, and he doesn’t care what cloud of radioactive materials go where. He’s a nationalist. He cares not about the rest of the world, or parts of the world who moved within us. If it’s not white, it will be exterminated like a pest. He’s there to please his supporters. Nobody else.


  4. I might totally be reading this wrong but sounds like fear mongering at it’s finest. I hope NO nukes are shot off as My Country is right above yours and I don’t know how accurate Crazy Kim’s Missile Crew is? I (hope) it never comes to that. Other than that, I suppose I should be updating my will.


  5. I would have thoroughly disagreed with you when Obama was President. With the Fragile Egotist at eh helm, I fear anything’s possible. People like Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump should never be in a position to fire nukes.


  6. When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the President of Iran he vocally supported his countries nuclear program and even said that building a bomb was illegal and against their religion. Very few people listened to him state this and even fewer people heard him say on leaving office “that no one, no one at all wants a nuclear war and nobody wants to pull the trigger on that element.”

    The current president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, says the current Iran deal cannot be undone by just one person or government (ours) and he is even worried about Kim, Jong-Un of N. Korea. I firmly believe the US has now given everyone something to worry about. It will come down to who really has the itchiest trigger finger.

    I have no use for Trump and if anything, the next four years are going to be very long and tense. Not a comfortable feeling by any means.


    • David, you may be onto something here. It’s the feeling now that it is possible rather than impossible.

      Nervous people with guns are dangerous people with guns. Nervous people with nukes are a whole different bag of snakes.


    • Bella, when did it not? When nukes were confined to a half dozen countries in the world none of them dared start a where everyone would die. But with irrational people holding onto these weapons where exactly does the pressure lie in this? Do we pay this man off for his nukes? Appease him? Bomb him? Isolate him?

      Do you see our current president having the patience to wait and see what happens?

      Can we afford to wait? Can we afford not to wait?

      At what point does this go from “fear mongering” to oh shit now what do we do?


      • I actually had tears coming down my face yesterday when the Obama’s helicopter took off. I felt like I had been deserted at a Thanksgiving meal and left to deal with the Crazy Uncle that belittles everyone. It might sound funny to a Trump supporter but the feeling is real for some of us. And to answer your question Mike, NO I would not trust either one of them at this point in time. I’m very leery of those massive egos.


  7. Today, the 21st of January, the marches are now over hopefully something good will come from this.

    As of this writing it is almost a full 36-hours into the Trump Presidency and we haven’t seen.

    1. His formal resignation from any of his companies, or a transfer for that matter like he has said.

    2. Release of his tax returns now required by law as President.

    The biggest problem I have is that Trump is completely unpredictable and uncontrollable. He basically says and does what he wants and does not have to answer to campaign donors, etc. Now that he is in charge of the nuclear program it is difficult to know what his plans are and many people in his own party are starting to realize something about DJT is not right. Time will tell, but like I said it will be tense.

    Bella, I understand your frustration and even your sorrow at seeing Obama leave. You analogy is quite right about being left with the crazy Uncle. I wonder when someone in the White House staff will say he molested them. Scary and horrible thought to be sure.

    I understand the odds of him actually being impeached is 8:1 before January is over falling 4:1 in the first six months.


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