Website Maintenance

We’re in the process of trying to resolve an issue with people not being able to reach Bits & Pieces.  The site may be down for a while today.  It involves temporarily changing the domain URL and changing it back. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.  

Update:  The first part of the update has completed and it took nearly 9 hours.  I’ve initiated the second phase. Hopefully, it won’t take quite as long.  The good thing is that the site has stayed online the whole time as far as I can tell.

Update II:  The second half of the domain update completed in less than an hour.  You should now be able to access the site with or without using www. in the URL.  


13 comments to Website Maintenance

  • r. miclette

    So it wasn’t my imagination… I did enter the entire address to access it and it worked fine then. So then I bookmarked the new one and deleted the old bookmark.

    • Jonco

      I have had someone tell me they can’t login with either URL. I’m trying to get it where either one will work. That’s how it used to be. This temporary change is taking forever. So, I’m thinking when it happens it might take another forever to change it back.

  • ram

    I did the same thing as r. micletta. Entered the entire Web address ( on; bookmarked the ‘new’ page, and deleted the old bookmark. Works fine

  • Stephen

    Going to connects fine. Going to simply fails to connect. Looks like a DNS issue.

  • Jonco

    It’s taking forever to do the first part of this maneuver. The site should go down while it’s changing. I’m wondering if the second part, moving it back to will take just as long. I started this process 8 hours ago. I’m a little concerned.

    If it does go down I’ll be updating progress, or lack thereof, on my Facebook page under Jonco Stl

    Jonco Stl

  • Mark

    When it happened a few days ago, I did the same thing, replaced the bookmark with “” and its been working ever since.

  • Kevin

    Same as everyone else, except I replaced my bookmark with “” and ended up buying a puzzle.

    • Jonco

      LOL. I get a lot of people emailing me about missing puzzle pieces or orders that didn’t arrive. I send them the correct email address to complain to. Let me know if you need it too.

  • that1chick

    I didn’t have to change my bookmark at all. WTH? have I done something wrong?

  • Paul in Fort Lauderdale

    I used my bookmark, sans www and had no problem. I had to enter my name and email address for a previous comment, and the name and email are back in the proper place. Off topic sorry, but MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

  • Barbwire

    I have been checking in with Kevin at Arbroath every night to see how he’s doing, and I always go to Bits and Pieces using his link. I was very frustrated, because when that didn’t work, I entered the whole thing, and it still didn’t work. Glad it’s fixed. Thank you for all your hard work.

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