5 thoughts on “Trump Christmas Parody – It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years

  1. We work so hard to teach our kids in school to be respectful but it is hard when people post things like this on the Internet. This is disgraceful.

    • Obviously, we know who is teaching their kids to be overly sensitive namby-pambies.
      I’ll send you some crayons and directions to the nearest safe space.

  2. Congratulations to anyone who had “1” for how many black presidents it would take for the GOP to elect the least qualified white dude alive! @LOLGOP

  3. Having Trump as President is basically our way of telling the world that America failed its IQ test.- Andy Borowitz

  4. The most hilarious part of the video are the rankings:
    10 excellent, 10 poor. Completely divided, and everybody at the extreme: nobody felt it just “okay” or “good”.

    Yup. Trump may not be the president America wants, but he’s surely what we deserve.

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