My ongoing patio project

The concrete guys got a decent day to pour the patio this week.  After pouring it and letting it set up a while they started the stamping process with large rubber molds. After applying the molds they sprinkled a “release” (a darker color dye powder) and then it sits for a couple of days.  They will come back and powerwash the deck and then will seal it another day.  I opened the door to take a couple of photos and Gus slipped right out the door to explore.  He’s being admonished and told to get inside.  We weren’t supposed to walk on it the next day.  We don’t want to track the colored release dye into the house like Gus is doing in the photo below.  I plan to get back to working on the room next week. 

Work on the room had come to a standstill the last few weeks because other things had a higher priority. I plan to get back to working on the room next week. Click images to enlarge.




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