2 thoughts on “If I could hack your elections…

  1. First off, only an idiot could think that the country was not better off after 8 years of Obama than it was before he took office. It took him most of that time to clean up the smoking ruins that Bush had left our country in.

    Secondly, Putin didn’t have Snowden until after the last election. Now he has a pet prisoner in Russia and a buffoonish patsy in the US that he can play like a fiddle — unless, of course, the electoral voters disregarded Trump’s heavy handed threats toward them and did the right thing for the country — to wit: not letting a crooked, lying, cheating con man into the White House, especially when he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 MILLION votes.


  2. It was less Putin and more “interstate crosscheck” and various other sorts of voter suppression. But to be honest, the GOP must know Rump didn’t get the votes to win in Michigan and Pennsylvania which is why they went out of their way to stop the recount. Otherwise why stop it? The state gets money if it goes on, but why risk losing the state for a few million dollars?

    Rump wouldn’t accept Obama as the legitimate President without a birth certificate, so why should anybody accept Rump in the White House until he provides all the votes in a few states.


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