Thanks a lot, America…


Thanks Gene

6 comments to Thanks a lot, America…

  • Elagie

    Well, we know a right-winger made the graphic — they don’t need none of that eddymucashun stuff that would have helped them understand that a lot isn’t one word.

    • paul in fort lauderdale

      I’m on your side Elagie, but you meant to say “understand that alot isn’t one word”.

      • HJ

        I’d go with either “understand that ‘a lot’ isn’t one word” or “understand that ‘alot’ [sic] isn’t one word”.

        Either way, our education system has been lacking for a long time and isn’t showing any signs of getting any better.

  • h44c

    so youre all in a lot of agreement that theirs is a sham marriage and bill clinton is a rapist

  • Daedinth

    I think the opposite. I don’t think Bill really did want to be the first male first lady. Too much scrutiny of his private life, and he can’t fly around macking on chicks like he did in the intern (pun intended) since he left office. If anyone noticed his speeches, his heart didn’t really seem in it. Or.. he could just be losing his pizzazz in his old age.

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