Premature Magazination


Thanks, Wirecutter

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  • Keith

    here is another photo showing Hillary signing a copy of this magazine on November 8 [img][/img]

  • Geo

    Short of a Presidental intervention, the next time she appears on a cover could be in a jumpsuit with a number placard.

  • Elagie

    Geo, really, I’m surprised you can even read this site, considering where your head is stuffed. Hillary has been proven not guilty of all of the supposed crimes the right accused her of. Meanwhile, the GOP is stuffed FULL of criminals of all sorts, with adultery and child rape being just another day at the office. We KNOW Trump likes to grab and rape and barge in on women and young girls to see them naked. We KNOW Trump is guilty of hundreds, of not thousands of counts of theft of services. We KNOW he’s a tax cheat. It is HE who deserves an orange jumpsuit. It would match his face. (And it would be hysterical to see that comb-over without hours of hairdressing!)

    • MCW

      Sorry, but Hillary has NOT been exonerated on ALL wrongdoings. The FBI still has an active investigation going on concerning The Clinton Foundation.

    • h44c

      and bill clinton is a rapist

    • Geo

      hrc hasn’t been found not guilty of anything just like MCW has stated. We haven’t gotten to drag her ass into a Court of Law yet, with obozo, lynch, wassupperman, brazile, comey, podesta, the mook, the bern running interference and covering her ass.

      Justice will soon prevail though and by the time the Treason charges are filed against her, you loons on the left are really going to be basket cases.

      Unless obozo issues her a pardon for all the crimes she hasn’t committed. Can’t wait to hear that ‘splaining.

      I think you better start brushing up on your reading and get your facts straight. Try again, maybe with Wikileaks!

      • Chunkaway

        Geo- You must be talking about Trump when you mention someone going to jail.

        75 active lawsuits? Seriously? Several for fraud, some for sexual harassment, etc.. He’s a truly upstanding citizen. And you watch, NOTHING will be found against Clinton. Because why? Because there is nothing. You conspiracy theorists can make shit up all you want, but the reality is something quite different.

  • Kevin

    I’m disappointed i won’t get to find out what we would have called Bill. ‘First Sir’? ‘First Guy’? ‘First Dude’?

  • paul in fort lauderdale

    Somewhere in the world there are tens of thousands of “Cleveland Indians 2016 World Series Champions” shirts and hats.

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