Patio room progress


We’re making good progress on the patio room.  We got the patio doors installed and plywood on the walls.  The center of the long wall (where the plastic is now) will have a bay window. 


The doggie door has been temporarily removed and will be built into the new outside wall.  Electricity, insulation and drywall coming soon. The plan is for that patio door to be replaced by a set of French doors. You can see Trixie in the bottom left corner checking on the progress.



3 thoughts on “Patio room progress

  1. is this really just a bit plywood for essentially a living room? If it’ll be used in winter you either are rich enough to afford the heating costs or live in a *really* warm climate. Even if the space between the beams is filled with insulation this would never satisfy modern german buildings standards (my new flat will have 36cm outer walls and triple glass windows)
    Strange how different the world builds.


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