Meanwhile, in Chicago…


Thanks, Brother Paul


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  • DJ

    As a NE Ohioan and Indians fan, I’ll be spending my evenings liberally torching local Chicago-style pizza joints, and then heading to the zoo to bean a few innocent bear cubs with rocks.

  • HJ

    Meanwhile, Cubs fans threaten to kill Indians fans and spray paint “Chicago” on the sides of churches and school buses (with swastikas in place of the first “C”), while the team replaces doctors with faith healers and umpires with stockholders.

  • wmenns

    A more fit analogy would be if after the Cubs win 4 games Commissioner Manfred gave the series to the Indians because they won more games in Chicago where there were more fans.

  • Troglodyke

    It’s easy to make fun of lawful protest when what they are protesting against won’t affect you negatively.

    Personally, I think protests often do more harm than good, as they make people angry against the protesters instead of bringing people to understand their plight. But if they are peaceful, they are completely lawful and I begrudge no one for wanting to join them. I will not be doing so myself.

    This analogy is simplistic, as the Cubs winning won’t lead to throwback policies that could harm or endanger, if not the persons themselves, the livelihoods of Americans who are gay, brown, or otherwise “other.” You may consider it overwrought. On the one hand, the administration ain’t even in office yet. But, on the other hand, past is prologue, and violence against minorities is a real thing. Historically disenfranchised people have reason to wonder, if not worry, what the next 4 years will bring. You can make fun of that all you like, but it doesn’t change that this is how they feel.

    This isn’t about being “sore losers,” or whining. This is about a sea change that may or may not be coming, but it helps to be prepared. If you are not a member of a disenfranchised minority, then you just may not understand.

  • C.A.I

    The problem with this image is that it is creating a false analogy. The real protesters are doing so peacefully and they aren’t protesting the results as much as they are protesting Trump, his demagoguery and his policies. The violent actions are not from those in the ranks, but most likely either disrupters or outsiders just being shit disturbers. Having heard from a few of the leaders heading up the demonstrations, this image only feeds the low information individual and makes their own extreme ideology seem justified.

  • duuude

    Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers threatened to create their own Baseball League if the rest of the nation doesn’t stop being a bunch of knuckleheads and learns to play ball correctly.

  • Ron Larson

    And to protest this outcome, the Cleveland fans block the freeway while waving flags of the Monterrey Sultanes professional Mexican Baseball team.


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