Gus at the Threshold

Gus has always had a hard time going through doorways. Way back when, he wouldn’t go through them at all. We had to carry him in and out.  He very gradually, but skeptically started going through them.  Then we got the automatic doggy door.  He did pretty well with that, he would eventually come in on his own but we always had to coax him out to go outside.  Now that we’ve converted the patio into a room, we have to relocate the doggy door. So, in the meantime, he’s got to use the people door.  

I decided today to record him coming in.  I recorded for 21 minutes and what you see above is the last 8 minutes of the recording.  He has gone in and out much faster than this in the last couple of days. But he’s always very cautious, just not usually this cautious.


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