53 years ago today…


I was a freshman at Beaumont High School in St. Louis and was walking into a classroom just after lunch on that Friday afternoon.  A classmate walked in right behind me and he was talking to a girl.  He said to me, “Jon, didn’t Kennedy just get shot?”  I thought he was just trying to BS this girl and I said that I had heard that.  Well, I hadn’t.  As soon as the class settled an announcement came over the speaker in the classroom confirming that the president had indeed been shot.  We finished the next two classes and I hopped on the bus to head home.

Thus began one of the most memorable weekends sitting in front of the television I’ve ever experienced.  From watching the casket carrying the body of the President of the United States being brought back to Washington D.C. to the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Station on Sunday and then the funeral of John F Kennedy on Monday.  It was a very sad time for America.



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  1. Exact same memories…. I was in 8th grade English class when the annct came over the PA system. Some of the students and teachers started crying. Then the principal put the mic in front of the radio and we just listened in horror to the happenings over the live broadcast till the end of the school day, and like you, we spent the next 4 days glued to the tv.


  2. A bit of trivia. The day before JFK’s murder, Robert Stroud, the famous “Birdman of Alcatraz,” died. The newspapers forgot about his death very quickly, but the nearness to JFK’s death is sometimes used to throw off people’s answers in Trivia games.


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