3 thoughts on “Same place, same amount of memory…

  1. Actually, that card he’s holding could contain the equivalent of 1000 or more of the computer pictured above.

    In 1958


  2. I did a little research and the computer shown in the photo had the following specifications (in today’s terminology)

    Processor – 333 kHz or .333 mHz
    RAM – 17 kb
    Hard Drive – 55.7 kb
    Input – 5 hole teleprinter paper tape (no keyboard)
    Programs and data were both input this way.

    Output – 5 hole teleprinter paper tape
    (or on magnetic tape, if option was purchased with system)

    Offline storage on magnetic tape (as an upgrade)

    The computer was an Elliott 403


  3. 12 years later, I wrote my first Basic program on a “mini-computer” that was about the size of a refrigerator. Same paper tape input.


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