Things I’ve learned from Craigslist…

Furniture Definitions 

“Shabby Chic”… I tried to refinish it and screwed up, so just sprayed it white.

“Vintage” … Old and in bad shape.

“Antique”… Prior to 1950.

“Mid-Century” … Junk from the 1950-1980’s that they bought at Goodwill.

“Armoire” … Any tall piece of furniture with shelves of some sort

“Contemporary” … something cheap you’d find at Levitz or Wal*Mart

“Entertainment Center” … See Armoire, but has more shelves and nooks.

“Beautiful” … (as in Beautiful lamp) really too ornate or ugly to keep.

“One of a Kind” … Parts missing or I made it myself

“Reasonably priced” … I’m hoping you don’t know how little it’s really worth.

“Like new” … Except cat smell and scratches on the side.

“Retro” … more Goodwill finds that didn’t work out.


Clothing Definitions 

“Brand New with Tags” … I shoplifted it.

“Louis Vuitton, Nike, Coach, Air Jordan, Gucci, etc” … mostly knock-offs

“ Women’s size L & XL” … My old baggie ‘fat clothes’.

“Women’s size 6” … my way old and out of style ‘skinny clothes’.

“Almost new” … worn once, looked like a bag of potatoes, trying to dump them on someone else.

Thanks, Sari & Denis