An Act of God…

An Act of God...

Read all about it.

From God’s website:

Thanks Mike F

7 comments to An Act of God…

  • Jerry

    Check Snopes. This never happened.

    • Wutwut

      It’s a joke. Check the reference link included in the OP – it’s a humor/parody site.

    • smittypap

      Yes, I think we all know that Noah’s ark never happened.

      • Daedinth

        It likely did. Unlikely that it happened by rote according to the biblical story. There are many regional stories of the event taking place. There is an Indus story in the Vedas that mirrors Noah’s Ark closely. Most likely there was a regional flood, where an individual saved his family and most of his livestock via a large barge or ship. This flood might have wiped out the surrounding civilization, so, the entire world being covered in water. Through time this might have even occurred more than once, and the stories over the millennia before being written down coalesced into the story of Manu (the older version of Noah’s Ark) and Noah (among others).

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