4th of July Zombies

It’s hard to believe there are so many people like this.  At least they included a couple of people that knew the answers. 

Thanks, Wirecutter

6 comments to 4th of July Zombies

  • MikeK

    The guy doing the interviews is a partisan hack. Believe nothing in his “interviews”…..

  • Geo

    A partisan hack? Asking 101 questions, now that is funny, I’d be embarrassed too and lash out.

    There are several people out there doing this and they all seem to come up with the same results, no matter where they are asked.

  • Kevin

    I just want you people to know all those people are tourists! We San Diegans are not that stupid. Well… most of us.

  • Ron Larson

    The three guys wearing SDSU shirts scare me. They are college students. Or at least their dress and and manner seem to indicate that.

  • C.A.I

    The woman reciting the preamble to the Constitution may not be aware that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were over 10 years apart.

  • Richard

    And these people’s votes count just as much as yours.

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