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Knife set2I was asked to review a set of ceramic knives and I get to keep them for giving an honest review.  Click images to enlarge.

I’ve never used a ceramic knife before and wondered about them for a while. We’ve used these knives for a couple of weeks.  While I’m used to using larger knives they are good for the size they are. The vegetable peeler doesn’t appear to be as good as the one I already have, but it did the job just fine. I’m just used to a larger handle.

The set comes in a nice black (gift) box that you can store them in or just toss them into a drawer with the sheaths on to protect the blades.


   These knives seem to be very sharp.   And from what I’ve read they stay sharper longer than steel knives.

   The handles, while not fancy have a rubberized feel to them and seem to be very east to grip and hold on to.

Knife set3


   There are no instructions or paperwork in the box at all.  No instructions on how to use, clean or sharpen the knives.  After Googling I found that sharpening is rarely needed and when it is, it apparently needs to be done with a diamond wheel sharpener.  I think I would just replace the knife.

In full disclosure, I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.   

Proper care of ceramic knives

Sharpening ceramic knives

These knives can be purchased at Amazon for $25.99



5 thoughts on “Review – Ceramic knife set

  1. I’ve got a set of these knives that I bought about three years ago. They do remain very sharp, but they are not perfect. All of the handles got tacky and remain sticky to the touch. The blades get stained and require hard scrubbing with steel wool to get them clean.


    • I’ll give my opinion on a product I’d like to use in exchange for the product for free as long as I can do it honestly. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I get paid (a little) to post ads on products and services I may or may not even like or use.
      These reviews won’t appear every day, but you will see one for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds in another a week or two.


  2. I was looking at an item on Amazon that I saw had all 5 star reviews. When I went to read the reviews, I saw everyone of them was this type of review where the reviewer was given the item for free for “honest” feedback. Needless to say, I did not buy the item.


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